Civil Litigation

When all other options for dispute resolution have been exhausted, litigation can be a powerful tool to achieve resolution of a case. The litigation process can be intimidating and expensive, so finding the right attorney is crucial. We can help you to understand the claims and defenses of your case, the potential outcomes, and the costs of either achieving your goals or minimizing your exposure.

We have extensive experience handling civil litigation, in both federal and state courts.  We represent both businesses and individuals facing litigation.  We thoroughly contemplate all aspects of a client’s case and represent their interests in state and federal courts.  Although each case is unique, we strive to understand the nuances of each client’s case and provide recommendations for a cost-effective strategy for achieving the client’s ultimate goals.

During litigation, the last thing a client wants to experience is frustration finding out of the status of their case. We are accessible and responsive to clients, via telephone, email, or in person, so we can provide you with personalized attention.

Whether you have a claim and need an advocate to pursue your case or you find yourself defending a lawsuit, we can evaluate your case and formulate a litigation strategy tailored to your situation and achieve your goals.

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Matt Van SicklePartner

Matt Van Sickle represents North Carolina and out-of-state businesses and individuals in state and federal courts throughout North Carolina, in a variety of areas, including construction litigation, commercial litigation, and employment law. Mr. Van Sickle is also certified to mediate cases by the North Carolina Dispute Resolution Commission and has mediated a variety of cases pending before the North Carolina Superior Courts and the North Carolina Industrial Commission.

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